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Massages are a popular form of pampering, but there are things you should know before you indulge. Massage therapy is offered at many spas, salons, and other outlets in their list of services, but not all are the same. Finding the right type for you requires research and your input.

Different types

There are around 80 varieties of massages. Some are very gentle like the Swedish and is used to increase blood circulation, release muscle tension and bring relaxation.
The deep tissue procedure and the trigger point procedure are less gentle and are very intense. They can sometimes be uncomfortable too. But in that case, you should let the therapists know about your discomfort. The best way to relax and pamper your body is through self-massage. You can massage your feet, hand or neck even while doing work.


People use massage to relieve the pain from the body. It also releases the muscles and improves blood circulation.

Who is a massage therapist

Man massaging woman's backA massage therapist is one who provides massage therapy to people. Massage therapy can be learned in massage therapy schools or training programs. There are about 1300 massage therapy schools and colleges in the US. Therapists need to pass the national certification exam to practice.Massage therapists play a very important role in treating patients. Massage has been used as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) to treat many specific diseases and ailments.

Some side effects of massage therapy

Massages do not have major side effects. But there are certain health issues that especially patients need to follow while going for a massage. People suffering from bleeding disorders, deep vein thrombosis, damaged blood vessels and fever are recommended not to go for massages. Cancer patients, pregnant women, people with heart problems are suggested to consult the doctor before going for a massage.

Massage therapies have minor side effects like swelling, bruising, temporary pain or discomfort or allergy and sensitivity. People using massage as CAM should keep few things in mind. The cost factor, the number of settings you need to go through besides checking the credentials of the therapists.

How massage therapy works

When certain forces are applied on the muscles, changes occur. It may also involve certain mechanical changes in the body. But scientists are still undergoing various researchers to study the effects of massage therapy.

Massage suppliesMassage therapy can be a very helpful tool in your fight to prevent injuries and stay healthy. These are the things you should know about massage therapy, and you should keep them in mind when preparing to use massage therapy for injury prevention and you’ll have better results in your quest to stay healthy and continue doing whatever it is you love to do.