Male Infertility: Diagnostic Tests

When a couple has sex without any prevention for a minimum period of one year, and the woman cannot get pregnant, it is considered that there is a fertility problem. Although this is not always the case, this is the first sign that can indicate to a couple that, to become parents, they will have to seek medical help.

You should look for an expert to carry out the necessary checks. The O&G Specialist Clinic is the perfect place for fertility screening singapore. Going for such tests is vital in helping you identify the root cause of your condition and take the necessary measures.

What Causes Male Infertility?

Male infertility can have a natural cause. The man cannot do anything to avoid it. It could be due to factors such as a genetic issue and others in which it has more influence, such as certain habits that can alter fertility. Low sperm production and low sperm quality are some of the critical factors.

HealthDiagnostic Tests problems can also be an essential factor in the fertility of men. Diseases such as diabetes, kidney or liver failure, varicocele, thyroid problems, or cardiovascular disorders can have a negative influence on reproductive capacity. Undergoing treatments like chemotherapy can also be harmful. Infertility in men has also been linked to hereditary diseases and genetic alterations.

What Diagnostic Tests Are There to Evaluate Male Fertility?

To detect any of these problems or alterations that make it difficult to achieve pregnancy, different medical tests can be performed. You can start with a simple medical history, where you can obtain interesting information, such as medical history, consumption of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or certain medications, or exposure to radiation or toxic materials.

Seminogram is the next procedure where a large amount of beneficial information can be obtained to evaluate each case by the medical team. Genital examination, focusing on the penis, epididymis testicles, and spermatic cords, also make it easy to rule out any easy-to-detect problems. One of the causes, the varicocele, can be contrasted with a scrotal ultrasound.

The last diagnosticDiagnostic Tests test to highlight is the genetic study of semen, instrumental in cases where the problem comes from genetic and chromosomal abnormalities. This study is carried out through the FISH technique (Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization), a technique that allows detecting and locating specific DNA sequences in sperm. This technique consists of marking each chromosome with a different fluorochrome to visualize the two chromosomes of each pair through light microscopy and analyze them in an automated way.

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