Reasons for Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement procedures, such as the knee, shoulder, and hip, have become quite popular. It is estimated that close to a million joint replacement surgeries is done each year. However, how can you tell whether you need shoulder replacement surgery? The first symptom is pain. That is because the main purpose of shoulder surgery is pain relief. As a result of arthritic tear and wear, the compromised cartilage of the shoulder is subjecting the joint to interaction with the bone. That is quite painful, and it can only be corrected by replacing the joint.

You should note each instance of pain results in joint replacement. Another factor that is considered is the need to regain motion. For instance, if you have experienced a change in lifestyle or you cannot participate in various activities because of a lack of mobility, then you are an ideal candidate for shoulder replacement. These are some of the reasons to consider shoulder joint replacement surgery.

Arthritis of Shoulder Joint

shoulder painThe condition occurs mostly in patients with over the age of 50. Ideally, this is a degenerative condition known to cause pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. That is because the protective cartilage has worn down over the years. At first, the doctor may recommend non-surgical treatment options that do not result in improved mobility or pain relief; then, you should consider total shoulder replacement. Another condition that can be treated with this condition is osteoarthritis.


If you suffer severe injury, the arm or head can be damaged easily, and it may not be restored. In such a case, you ought to replace it. Depending on the health of the clavicle, a surgeon recommends total or partial shoulder replacement to replace broken bone and also stabilize joint and even restore function.

Rotator Cuff Tear

The rotator cuff tear does happen when you sustain an injury to any of the four muscles around the bone arm. You should note that these muscles play an important role in providing stability in the shoulder joint if long-term tears are not treated. In such a case, arthritis results. Over time, joint suffers because of a lack of stability and onset of arthritis. Therefore, shoulder replacement is recommended.

If you do not have the above conditions and still not sure whether you need shoulder replacement surgery, you should call orthopedic specialists near you. You can schedule an appointment, where scans will be done to determine the condition you are ailing from and assess your needs for joint replacement surgery.…