The Most Common Eye Problems and Treatments


There are several different types of eye problems that can affect your eyesight. They usually hide in plain sight – damaging the delicate visual system before showing any symptoms and that’s why regular eye exams at London Ophthalmology Centre are very important. Fortunately, most common vision problems can be treated with proper care and precision.

The following are some of the most common eye problems and treatments.

1. Myopia (Nearsightedness)

Medically known as myopia, nearsightedness simply refers to vision that isn’t good at a distance, but very good at a close range. Generally, this problem occurs when the eyeball is quite long (that is, from front to back). If you have this vision problem, it can be diagnosed during your routine eye checkups, and some of the possible treatments include photorefractive keratotomy (PRK), radial keratotomy (RK), LASIK, acrylic corneal implants, contacts, and eyeglasses.


2. Astigmatism

Astigmatism is an irregular or uneven curvature of the lens or cornea that leads to distorted or blurred vision. Eye fatigue, headaches, eyestrain from squinting and squint are some other symptoms of this eye problem. In reality, most individuals are more likely to have some degree of this condition that is believed to be hereditary and is usually present at birth. In some cases, treatment may not be necessary, but can be certainly beneficial. However, when it’s moderate or severe, it can be treated with LASIK surgery or corrective eye-wear.

3. Presbyopia (Aging Eyes)

Medically referred to as presbyopia, aging eyes is a vision problem in which the eye’s lens losses its flexibility gradually, making it difficult to clearly focus on close objects like printed words, but on the other hand, distance vision isn’t affected. Unfortunately, this eye problem is an inevitable part of aging and can’t be prevented by diet, visual or lifestyle habits. It’s, however, treatable with many types of corrective lenses, such as single-vision reading glasses, monovision therapy, multi-focal contact lenses, progressives, and even bifocals and trifocals.

4. Hyperopia (Farsightedness)

gfdhgd6Also known as hyperopia, farsightedness is just the opposite of myopia (nearsightedness) in which your vision is very good at a distance, but very poor at close range. It’s actually one of the common eye problems that occur when the eyeball is relatively shorter than normal or when the cornea/lens has too little curvature. Mildly farsighted people may not require corrective treatment, but if you’re severely or moderately hyperopic, there are many treatment options such as eyeglasses, photo-refractive keratectomy (PRK), LASIK, and contacts just to mention a few. After diagnosis, your optician will recommend the best treatment options for you.

In addition to that, floaters, dry eyes, tearing, amblyopia, cataracts, color blindness, and conjunctivitis are some other common eye problems that could possibly affect your vision.…

Tips for losing weight


While some people lose weight with ease, a majority have to struggle to keep the extra weight away for good. There are so many reasons why people gain weight. Apart from the lack of physical activity and poor eating habits, many people gain weight as a result of medical conditions, stress, and their job occupation. Many people work around the clock to earn a living making them sit for hours on their computers, in turn, gaining weight unconsciously. To solve this, I came up with the best and most effective weight loss tips for anyone wishing to lose weight with ease irrespective of the cause/causes.


When it comes to getting your body on the right track when you want to lose weight, this is the key. Detoxification helps your body get rid of toxins and helps clear your kidneys and colon. A major step in weight loss. This helps your body absorb the right nutrients effectively. There are so many ways one can choose to detoxify their bodies, but I recommend the use of lemon water first thing in the morning for a few weeks. Although lemon water is a natural detox, it has many other benefits in your body like enhancing your immunity, keeping your skin young and clear, and most of it aids in weight loss.



Choose foods that have nutritional value in your body. The best way to do this is by reading labels and eliminating foods high in unnecessary sugars. To make your weight loss easy and effective, choose fruits as snacks in between meals and up your vegetable intake. Anything that adds little to no value in your body like processed foods and drinks should be eliminated in your diet for maximum weight loss. It doesn’t end there, eat the right portions and eat only when you are hungry. You can also buy garcinia cambogia supplements.


Eating right won’t give you the desired results if you won’t do any cardio or muscle building exercises. Make a habit of engaging in physical activities at least three to four times a week depending on your energy or how fast you want to lose weight. Best cardio exercises can include jogging, swimming, running, long distance walks and aerobics. Depending on your weight and your goals, you can always choose an exercise routine that suits you. Lifting weights on the other hand aids in building muscles – a key in weight loss because built muscles help your body burn more fat, in turn, keeping you lean.



With all that said, losing weight can be easier if you are consistent in following the rules to keep the weight off. Many people lose weight, become comfortable in their current weight and go back to their old habits. Before long, they are back again searching for ways to lose weight. Don’t fall into this trap, lose weight and keep it off for good by maintaining your healthy lifestyle no matter the season, changes in your life, age or gender. Stick to your regime even after seeing results.

In short, losing weight has never been easy when you put your mind, efforts and dedication into it. Anyone can lose weight; it starts with how committed you are in each and everything you do as far as keeping those extra pounds at bay is concerned.…

7 Workouts That You Can Do At Home


You don’t need to sign up for a gym membership to lose weight and stay fit. In fact, you don’t even need equipment. In this article, we have recommended super simple weight loss workouts that you can comfortably do at home. Read on to learn more.

1. Walking

You can easily perform an effective walking workout at home if the weather outside isn’t so nice. Go up and down the stairs while carrying a load of laundry on your shoulder. This will help your body tone up your legs. If there are no stairs in your home, you can just walk around the house several times.

2. Jogging

Jogging is considered as one of the best exercises, particularly for the heart. You can do it while tuning into your favorite music or watching TV. The only equipment you need is a pair of running shoes to eliminate any stress on your legs.


3. Leg Lifts

Leg lifts also fall under this list of workouts that you can do at home. If done correctly and regularly, they can build up strength and muscles in your legs. There are easier ways to do them for those who find them hard to do with their legs straight. One of them is to try bending them slightly.

4. Pushups

This is an exercise in which you lie facing the floor, keeping your back straight, and raising your body by pressing down on your hands. While many people find them hard to do, there are easier ways to do them. Try them while standing up against a wall. You will be strengthening muscles in your chest area and building up arm strength.

5. Crunches

Crunches are good for those who want to build up and strengthen abdominal muscles. As a starter, don’t worry about pushing your head all the way up. You will still see some benefits if you manage to feel the stretching of the muscles as you go up.


6. Jumping Jacks

Do you remember performing jumping jacks as a kid? These exercises are always fun to do at home. They are also good for warming up and great cardio exercises.

7. Squats

Squats are good for your buttocks and legs. If you find them hard to do, you can try them by standing up and sitting again from a regular chair. As long as you are able to achieve a few repetition, your body will still get some benefits.

There are several workouts that you can do at home. The ones that we have mentioned above are just but a few. Use whatever you find, and work out as long as you can in the comfort of your home. If you want more challenging workouts, get yourself the best home gym equipment.…

What Are The Foods That Have No Carbs


When you want to follow a low carbohydrate diet, you need to know the different foods that do not contain carbs. If you want to shed extra pounds, you need to know nutritious foods that have minimal or zero carbs. First, you need to understand what carbohydrates are; these are macronutrients that contain sugars. They are further divided into two main categories: simple carbs and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates include baked goods, dairy products, fruit and processed sugars. On the other hand, complex ones include corn, flour, rice, legumes, and whole grains.

Also, sugar alcohols and fiber are regarded as carbs but are not restricted as part of low-carb diets.

Foods without carbs

Most low-carb diets limit the number of carbs you can consume. This is necessary to exert insulin control. It is recommended to eat less than 50 grams daily. A cup of rice is said to have about 151 grams of carbohydrates, and a just a single slice of bread has over 15 grams of carbs. Thus, eating carb-containing foods add up quite quickly. Foods ohne Kohlenhydrate can be of helpful if you are controlling your intake of carbs

Meat and animal proteint2fwerf2ed5t2e6y27u282

In fact, all naturally- occurring meats do not contain carbs. On the other hand, deli and packaged meats are usually processed with salt and sugar or even seasoning blends giving them carbohydrates. Moreover, processed meats such as bacon, sausage, and ham contain small amounts of carbs. Also, eggs have minimal amounts of carbohydrates. If you use packaged or processed foods, ensure you read product labels to know the amount of carbs they contain. In their natural state, these foods do not contain carbs:

  • Beef
  • Organ meats
  • Lamb
  • Tongue
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Turkey

Seasoning, oils, and condiments

The majority of condiments do contain carbs. Also, mayonnaise and salad dressings have carbs. This is because they are made from carb-containing ingredients like herbs, tablespoons of vinegar, high-fructose, sugar, and much more.

Dairy products

You shot2fwerf2ed5t2e6y27u282uld note that milk does contain sugars and all the dairy products on the market are made from milk. Even heavy cream and fatty cheeses contain carbs but in low levels. The only dairy product that has zero carbs is butter.


Most beverages do not contain carbohydrates. However, if they contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, they will have carbs. Diet soda, water, tea, coffee, and distilled alcohol do not contain carbs.…

Signs Of Depression In Teens

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Adolescence years are marked with teenage trauma and turbulence; the trauma is real to a large group. The journey becomes more difficult if the teen faces mental health issues like depression. Parents, guardians and other people handling the teen at that stage of life tend to in most cases overlook signs of depression.

Signs of depression

Extreme melancholy

dfcvbndfcgvhbghExtreme sadness is a major depression sign in your teen child. At this stage, the child should be energetic, full of life and ready to explore. If they are doing the opposite, then as a parent, you need to be worried because it is a sign of something wrong. If you realize your teen is not happy, do not ignore, intervene.

Drastic and abrupt change in eating habits and weight

Research says that obese teens are more likely to be depressed. If they are paranoid about their weight, it could mean depression. Also, a sudden change in eating habits or more eating is a sign of a depressed kid or in its early stages.

Depleting self-esteem

When a confident teen becomes shy or skeptical about their abilities, the depletion in self-confidence and self-worth could have been caused by depression. When depression strikes it first kills self-belief before totally eroding confidence.

Unusual sleep pattern

Sleep is another thing affected by depression. A depressed person can never sleep soundly. If you realize that your child is no longer sleeping sound or wakes up at late hours, make a point of seeing the psychiatrist.

Becoming a recluse

The teenager wants to mingle and hang out with friends. If you realize that your kid is avoiding people or prefer staying indoors alone, they could be depressed. Initiate a discussion with the child to find out what is the problem.

Physical discomfort

If your child is complaining of pain and discomfort, they are most likely depressed. Fatigue does not come without a reason. Do not take such complaints lightly. Address them with serious and visit a psychiatrist. If depression in teens is ignored, it can lead to more issues and disagreements in the family

Dropping grades in school

dxfcvbsdfghWhen a bright child all of a sudden starts performing poorly in school, it is a big sign of depression and unrest. Do not neglect such as a parent. Before you quarrel them on poor grades, sit them down and see what the real cause of the drop is. Encouragement, instilling confidence, and showering love could make things better for such a child.…

Simple Fitness Tips For Beginners


An individual’s health is very important. When sick everything else around you comes to a standstill. Be it school, job or business. To avoid getting sick now and then, exercise is very important. Ask someone who has been in the area for some time and they will confess that it was the best decision.

Fitness tips

Set your goals

drfgvhjdfghjAt the start, it is of great essence to initially know what you want to achieve at the end. Are you doing it for weight reduction or body building or both? It is also advisable to write your goals, and as you write them to let them be within your means. Do not write unachievable goals because if not achieved you will end up disappointed.

Take your measurements

You need to know how much you weigh before the exercise section begins. After every month take fresh measures. This is a proper way to keep track of your progress. Writing your progress is important. You can even take pictures for purposes of visual reference.

Schedule your workouts

Just the way you have meetings and family gatherings scheduled, it is important to have a workout schedule. You can never cancel a workout scheduled. Treat them with as much discipline and importance as business meetings. Mark the dates on your calendar and strictly follow them.

Start of slow

If you are new, start slow then gradually increase your working speed and time. If you push too hard within the first days of your workout, it can be bad for your health; you might even get injured.


This is a very important component for working out. To prevent injuries stretch before and after workouts. To increase flexibility, join yoga classes. It helps in improving blood circulation, stamina, makes you feel good and even calms you down.

Use the proper workout equipment

The right equipment must be used in whatever type of exercise you are doing. Be it clothes, shoes, treadmill or weights. Do not purchase things you do not require, purchase only what applies to your plan.

Workout with a buddy

Sticking to a workout schedule can be very challenging. But if you are doing it with a friend, who is expecting you to be present, then you cannot miss. On the other hand, a friend will keep you motivated, if they are fit, you will want to work out and be like them.

Hire a trainer

dfcvbnzxcvIt might be costly, yes, but investing in your fitness and health is the best you can do. If you are determined to get in shape, then hiring one will be the way to go. A trainer will keep you motivated and make you accountable.…